We’ve been building community for more than 45 years. Our core values are integrity, dependability and integrity.

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“It’s so gratifying to see a structure we built 15 or 25 years ago still serving the needs of the owners.”

– Randy Coil

“Working in construction reminds me that every day is different, filled with challenges and opportunities to learn something new.”

– David Coil

“Following my initial interview with Randy more than 29 years ago, it was clear to me that Coil Construction was built on the basic fundamentals of professionalism and integrity. The primary focus of our existence is to provide craftsmanship and value to our clients and community. I’m proud to be part of a team that demonstrates these qualities day after day.”

– Michael A. Hemme

“Coil has a great reputation for how they work with clients and how they treat their team. It’s rewarding to work for a company that has a long history of investing in the community and now being part of the team to help shape and grow it.”

– Craig Riordan

“It was clear to me, as a 40-year construction professional, that Coil Construction was the ‘Gold Standard’ of builders and I wanted to become a part of this team. Professionalism, great leadership, and the highest integrity are fundamental to the organization.”

– Steve Torres

“Coil understands how to transform someone’s vision and ideas and take it from a piece of paper to an actual building. They’re committed to making the community better for everyone.” 

– David Tollenaar