Kevin Buckler

Vice President of Operations
University of Missouri–Columbia: Bachelor's of Science Degree, Fisheries and Wildlife

Kevin began working for Coil Construction in 1979 as a carpenter and ironworker. His work over the years has given him extensive eld experience, providing him with an excellent foundation for directing the everyday operations of the rm. He oversees cost estimating for the majority of Coil’s larger projects and offers supervision to project managers on their estimating and scheduling tasks. Additionally, Kevin has initiated and coordinated a very successful safety program. Coil Construction has bene ted with an excellent safety record, resulting with an AGC safety award. His professional and intuitive management style has played a major role in the growth and integrity of Coil Construction.

Top Projects

  • Missouri Department of Conservation Campus – Cape Girardeau
  • Law Offices of Jones Schneider
  • Terrace Apartments

“In the last 37+ years that I’ve worked with Coil Construction, the Coil community has grown to keep pace with the growth of our community. That growth affords us opportunities to offer our expertise to service entities beyond the business community. Rewarding work beyond the monetary, we are able to state that we are part of their mission and success.”

—Kevin Buckler