Arne Paulsen

Pre-Construction Manager
University of Illinois: Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Arne joined Coil in 2023 as a pre-construction manager, with a
focus on the pre-design phase of projects. Arne brings more
than 50 years of estimating experience to his new role. He
previously spent more than 12 years with one of the largest
contractors in the U.S., working on their concrete estimating
for major projects. He has also worked as a consultant for
construction   rms. As pre-construction manager at Coil,
Arne will manage the process from initial ideas, drawings,
preliminary budgets and estimates until the project is ready
to build. Outside of his work at Coil, Arne enjoys spending
time with his grandchildren, golfing and reading.

“Coil has a great reputation around town, and their projects are all very well-run. It’s a great fit with my background in estimating and pre-construction.”

—Arne Paulsen