Insurance Requirements

Below are the insurance requirements for Coil Construction in the Insurance Requirements pdf.

Sample Contracts

The following is an example of a sample contract that will be used, insurance that is required and a lower tier subs form.

Purchase Orders

Below is a sample purchase order as well as the terms and conditions referred to in the purchase order.

Pay Applications

Below is an outline of our pay applications procedure, as well as the necessary documents and waivers described in the outline.


Prior to honoring Requests for Retention, Closeout Documents must be submitted.

Please submit an original and one (1) copy of the following information to our office as soon as you have completed your work.

  • Company warranty letter stating that all materials and workmanship are guaranteed to be without defects for a period of one year. Please use the date of mm/dd/yyyy as the project completion date
  • Submit all product/material warranties
  • Final Lien Releases (Affidavit of Total Release & Certification of All Bills Paid)
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals containing installation, operation, maintenance product features. Please include any product listing of materials used (i.e. paint color, ceiling tile, laminate finish, etc.)
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Any other documents as required by the Specifications

All subcontractors are required to submit a warranty letter and Affidavit of Total Release and Certification of All Bills Paid. A blank Affidavit of Total Release and Certification of All Bills Paid is attached for your use. All subcontractors performing mechanical and electrical will be required to submit operation/maintenance manuals and as-built drawings.